Nano Fiber Feather Pillow

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Enjoy a comfortable sleep and experience a new level of hotel luxury with from More Cottons
All you need to have a good night's sleep is comfort; that's why we offer you a unique collection of Nanofiber Feather Pillows with a soft feel and elegant design that can transform any bed into a dreamy bed that you will spend the best time in.

Why do you need a Nano Fiber Pillow?

For everyone looking for a luxury pillow made of high-quality Feather. It also provides full support for the head and neck, making it comfortable for everyone who suffers from pain during sleep.


Size: 50x70 cm
Weight: 1000g
Design: Attractive Stylish
Colors: white
Made in Egypt

Product Care
- Machine washable on gentle cycle in cold water
- Use the regular wash powder, no bleach or chlorine