Mattress Topper + Soft Ribbed Towels

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Mattress Topper 7cm (Size): 200x200
Soft Ribbed Towel (Color): White
Soft Ribbed Towel (2) (Color): White

Introducing our new set of Mattress Topper and 2 Waves Towels.

Mattress Topper Details:

  •  Height: 7 cm
  • Density: 1050g/m³
  • Colors: white-grey

Our 7cm mattress topper takes comfort to unparalleled heights. It effortlessly transforms even the firmest mattresses into a plush sanctuary, providing the sensation of sleeping on a brand new bed without the hassle of replacing the entire mattress.

2 Soft Ribbed Towels, Face towel and Bath towel that made from 100% cotton ensuring softness and absorbency, 550 GSM

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