MicroFiber Pillow- Feather Feeling

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Style: Soft Pillow

If you are the type of sleeper that likes the feeling of sinking into a fluffy dense pillow or hugging an extremely soft pillow throughout the night this Microfiber purchase is especially made and developed for you. 

Microfibers are defined to give it amazing breathability properties that makes it feel like the feathers pillow with better Anti-allergy effect since the Microfiber material is able to effectively prevent the accumulation of dust mites and their allergens in the pillow.

They also provide an excellent support for your neck, head and shoulder while you sleep and give you a superior comfort.

Our Microfiber pillow collection presents two options: the Soft Pillow and the Hard Pillow.

Soft Microfiber Pillow:

Weighing a gentle 900 grams, this 100% Microfiber pillow offers a plush embrace. Its breathable design emulates feather pillows, while the innovative microfiber material combats allergies effectively. Experience tranquil sleep with optimal support for your neck, head, and shoulders.

Size: 50*70

Hard Microfiber Pillow:

Weighing 1200 grams. Designed with the same excellence, this pillow provides firmness and advanced breathability. The microfiber material resists allergen accumulation, ensuring a hygienic sleep environment. Wake up revitalized with this exceptional support for your sleep.

Size: 50*70

  • Filling: 100% Microfiber
  • Firmness: Soft, Hard


  • Pat regularly your MicroFiber Pillow to replace the air inside with fresh air (eliminate odor naturally)
  • Dry clean only at 40 C
  • Make sure that the pillow is completely dry after wash before use.

Proudly made in Egypt

لو كنت من نوع الناس اللي بيحبوا يناموا على مخدة طرية وكثيفة يبقى أكيد المخدة المايكوفايبر اللي بإحساس ريش النعام دي معمولة علشانك.

لأن المايكروفايبر بيخلي الهواء يتخللها بسهولة فتبقى طرية وده بيديها نفس احساس ريش النعام ده غير انها غير مسببة بأي شكل للحساسية 

ده غير أنها بتوفر دعم للرقبة أثناء النوم وبتديك إحساس غير عادي بالراحة.

 الحشو: سوفت- هارد مايكروفايبر

المخده السوفت: وزنها 900 جرام, ومصنوعة من 100% مايكروفايبر

المقاس:  50*75سم 

المخدة الهارد: وزنها 1200جم, مصنوعة من 100% مايكروفايبر


تعليمات هامة: 

تخضع للتنظيف الجاف فقط.

 صنع في مصر 

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